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Let us guide you in the best way to structure your property portfolio. This will help you grow your wealth and secure your retirement funds.
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Ageing property and accrued interest have an impact on the actual value of a property

People often think that if the price of their property has increased from the price they purchased it, they have made some profit.

This is a common misunderstanding due to people being oblivious of the other factors such as lease decay, accrued interest, ageing property and others.

Inflated current property prices does not necessarily equate to healthy profit to a home owner.

Real life case study

Learn how these seniors did their property planning right



Previous Home

Private Property

After Restructure

5 Room HDB

Details of the individuals in the video before and after portfolio restructuring :

Senior Couple - Age 60s

From: Landed Property To. EA HDB

Senior Lady - Age 60s

From: EA HDB To: 3 room HDB

Below are some details of the individuals in the video.


1. Senior Couple 60s // 2. Senior Lady 60s

Previous Home

1. Landed // 2. EA HDB

After Restructure

1. EA HDB // 2. 3 room HDB


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1. Couple 60s // 2. Senior Lady 60s

Previous Home

1. Landed // 2. EA HDB

After Restructure

1. EA HDB // 2. 3 room HDB

retirement planning: Property

Property As Part Of Retirement Planning

Here are some suggestions:

Sell & downgrade at retirement

Sell home at retirement, move into a smaller one, and then use remaining sale proceeds for retirement

Cash-flow positive properties

Rental income to pay recurring costs (e.g., property tax, maintenance fees) while still generating excess cash on top of it

Partial rental

Renting property and getting properties with dual-key layouts or moving in with children

Pledging property for CPF

Pledged amount to be refunded into CPF from sale proceeds

Lease Buyback Scheme (for HDB properties)

Sell back a portion of your unused lease to HDB

food for thought

Are you worried either for yourself or your ageing parents regarding a more secure retirement?

Your smart property planning plays a crucial part.


If you understand by now that it is important to plan your property portfolio but have not done so, I look forward to helping you materialise it.

And if you (or someone you know) are reaching 55 and your retirement years, I would like to help you realise some things you may not be aware of.

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You or your parents have worked hard for the entire life

Don't you think it is time for them to deserve a more meaningful and peaceful golden years?